Women in Politics Network™

The Women in Politics Network™ is a global political education organization for women. The Women in Politics Network™ is for women that want to CONNECT, LEARN, LEAD or GALVANIZE. Members have access to more than 25 WIP Webinars™ and WIP Expert Podcasts with new programming being added to the WIP curriculum catalog monthly. Members interact and learn from one another with our WIP Forums™, WIP Book Club™ and WIP Conferences™. Members lead as hosts and contributors to WIP Webinars™, WIP Expert Blog™ and WIP Expert Podcasts™. WIP Network membership is flexible providing four levels of engagement. Women can put a toe in the water with a LEARN membership or jump in full throttle with a GALVANIZE membership.

WIP Membership Benefits | Membership Levels

CONNECT $29 monthly | Billed Quarterly

  • Access to basic WIP Webinars™ including WIP Civics™, WIP Advocacy™, Non-Profit Fundraising™, WIP Political Careers™ and WIP Community Organizing™
  • WIP Book Club™ membership
  • WIP Member Forums™
  • Invitation to WIP Conferences™ and WIP Member Forum™

LEARN $39 monthly | Billed Quarterly

  • CONNECT Membership Benefits
  • WIP Advanced Webinars™ including WIP Political Campaign Strategy™, WIP Political Fundraising™, WIP Coalition Building™, WIP Social Media™, WIP Media Skills™, WIP Non-Profit Management™
  • WIP Expert Blog™
  • WIP Expert Podcasts™

LEAD $69 monthly | Billed Quarterly

  • CONNECT & LEARN Membership Level benefits
  • WIP Member Forums™ Host
  • WIP Book Club™ Host
  • WIP Expert Blog™ Contributor
  • Add-on benefit available | WIP Professional Directory™ listing $99
  • WIP LEADER Training

GALVANIZE $109 monthly | Billed Annually

  • LEARN & LEAD Membership Level Benefit
  • WIP Member Forums™ Host
  • WIP Book Club™ Host
  • WIP Expert Blog™ Contributor
  • WIP Expert Podcast™ Host
  • WIP Webinar™ Host
  • WIP Conferences™ Host
  • WIP Professional Directory™ listing ($99 value)

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