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MR Services


Mitchem Rasmussen ("MR") is an advisory firm for political candidates, political professionals and advocacy and political organizations. At MR we believe a client's two most important resources are time and money. Our philosophy is simple, we provide our clients with strategy, organization and implementation expertise that will save them both time and money. We recognize that every candidate, professional and organization are unique. We begin every relationship with an examination of a client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We enhance strengths, fortify weaknesses, leverage opportunities and mitigate threats.

The political landscape is unpredictable to say the least and we step in at the beginning to help our clients navigate the landscape.

Though we focus on getting our clients off to the right start we are capable of staging interventions for clients that find themselves needing to hit the reset button. MR services are tailored to fit the needs of political candidates, political professionals, advocates, advocacy organizations, political organizations and educational institutions.

Services for Political Candidates

Our services for political candidates extend to candidates in the planning stages of running for office and including the following specific services:

  • Candidate and race assessment at the federal and state level
  • Campaign strategy development
  • Campaign infrastructure set-up including election law compliance, procurement of goods and services for campaign operations and campaign staff hiring
  • Image consulting
  • Web development
  • Copywriting for marketing materials

Services for Political Professionals

Our services for political professionals extend to those transitioning from other sectors to politics and include the following services:

  • Professional branding
  • Professional training in the areas of advocacy, campaign management, campaign finance, communications, field operations and public relations. We offer a proprietary web-based training for Mitchem Rasmussen clients.
  • Resume services
  • Image consulting
  • Web development
  • Copywriting

Political and Advocacy Organizations

Our services for political organizations extend to newly formed and existing organizations. Our advocacy services extend to those individuals, groups or community service organizations launching new issue campaigns and those engaged in ongoing advocacy efforts. Our specific services are as follows:

  • Organization or campaign infrastructure set-up including all aspects of legal compliance, procurement of goods and services for operations and staff hiring
  • Long and short-term strategic planning
  • Branding services that including development of marketing materials along with copywriting
  • Board development
  • Staff training using our proprietary Mitchem Rasmussen curriculum. Training are offered in person at the client’s office, via the web or at a Mitchem Rasmussen training center. Our training services also include non-profit management best practices for organization leadership and staff.
  • Comprehensive development services ranging from guidance through the initial stages of fundraising to capital campaign management
  • Web development
  • Agency reorganization that includes all of the above services